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Rebecca Curci-Hickenbottom was born on June 16 1977 in Tampa florida and she is the daughter of Mr. Cliff and Ms. Gloria Curci. Rebecca was a member of WCW Nitro Girls and is the wife of WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels. Rebecca began her career by joining WCW's Nitro Girls as Whisper in October 1997. She was the 7th member she performs weekly dance segments and most dances were performed during commercial breaks but some dance did air on television. On 1999 Rebecca left WCW to marry Shawn and they were married on March 31 1999 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in las vegas. She live in Atlanta GA before moving in with Shawn on San Antonio Texas. On January 5 2000 at 7:09 pm , she gave birth to there 1st baby boy Cameron Cade Hickenbottom who weigned in 7 lb, 3 oz. On August 19 2004 she gave birth to their 1st baby girl Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom.

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* Rebecca has a tattoo of a rose on the back of her right shoulderblade.
She has also a matching tattoo with Shawn; She has a tattoo of an "S" on her wedding finger that symbolizes Shawn's name; while Shawn has a tattoo of an "R" on his wedding finger that symbolizes Rebecca's name.Shawn has also a tattoo of Rebecca's face on his right calf muscle.
* Rebecca is a volunteer at her church and plans to get back into fitness shows and fitness modeling again , now that she has settled into life.
* Rebecca witnessed shawn wrestle in person for the 1st time was when he made his return to WWE and wrestled a non-sanctioned match. Rebecca, cameron, and Shawn's parents were in attendance that night.
* During her WCW Nitro Girls Whisper days, she had a dark hair, but as of 2004 her hair is now blonde.
* shawn was raised as catholic, but credits Rebecca's faith with his decision to also become a born again christian.

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- Rebecca was in attendance at WM 21 when Shawn entered the ring he stood on the ropes in the corner, pointed to rebecca, and mouthed the words " I Love You Baby". After the match, Shawn blew a kiss to her and she can be seen in the crowd.
- Rebecca made a brief appearance at WM 22 after Shawn won his no holds barred match, Shawn spotted her in the crowd as he walking back up the rampway, and kissed her.
- Rebecca has been seen with Shawn at the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 WWE hall of Fame Ceremonies.
- at WWE judegement day 2007, after Shawn illegitimately passed out after his match, Rebecca ran into the ring to be by his side and cried hysterically. This is the 1st time she has appeared in a WWE ring.
- On March 16 2007, Rebecca attended a ceremony for the Emerald Rainbow Family Fun Center in texas, and w/c She was the brainchild of the facility.
- Attended 2008 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
- Had a cameo role at summerslam 2008 for the HBK/y2j fude.

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